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The Equipped Architect: Generative Design

Welcome to Cadalyst's site where architects can find useful information, advise, insights, resources, and inspiration about the generative design technology that empower your creativity and improve your workflows.

Articles and Resources

With generative design (GD), AEC software is undergoing a time of powerful transition. Suddenly architects can use artificial intelligence (AI) to explore thousands of design possibilities in the time a human being can explore one. As you look at this technology to find out if you’re ready to give it a try, Cadalyst and Z by HP joined forces to bring you this three-part series to help you find how to break into this tech, get the hardware you need, and to get your upper management excited about the possibilities. Dig in and find out more!


How to Get Started with Generative Design

Generative design has made its way into AEC software and you can see the benefits right out of your reach. Find out how you can get your design firm bought into using this technology. By Cadalyst Staff


Z by HP Z Book Studio


The Right Technology Solution for Generative Design
Follow our quick software and hardware checklists to help ensure your generative design solution package is up to the task. By Cadalyst Staff


Z by HP Z4 Desktop


How to Ask for Tech Funding?
Secure funding for your hardware upgrade. By Cadalyst Staff