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ZW3D 2023: Becomes the Launching Pad for New Possibilities

Product Design General CAD April 27, 2022

SPONSORED: ZWSOFT releases new version of its 3D program.

ZWSOFT, a trailblazer in engineering software, today launched the latest version of its flagship 3D software product, namely ZW3D 2023 to facilitate efficient yet cost-effective product design and manufacturing. Not only does this come with an array of new enhanced platform functions including interaction, modeling, and machining, but it is equipped for the first time with the CAE module. Therefore, it becomes the launching pad for new possibilities thus greatly improving design efficiency to expand industrial applications of today’s ever-demanding global 3D designers. 


ZW3D 2023. Image source: ZWSOFT.


The R&D team in ZWSOFT has successfully brought over 250+ features that would prove to be highly beneficial for the 3D designers, ZW3D 2023 embodies:

  • Friendlier User Experience. Add commands in the new Mouse Gestures and Shortcut Bar conveniently instead of looking for them in the menu; there is a smarter way to add constraint inferences as well.

  • Multiple Smart Modeling Tools. With big time-savers such as Instance Parameter Table and Variable Spacing Table, you can modify parameter/variable values quickly for every pattern feature. Also, it empowers engineers to create product designs of higher & styling quality with G3 continuous surfaces.

  • Large assembly, Expanded Industrial Applications. Several new functions have been added to accelerate the creation of exploded views, such as Exploded Trail and Reuse Exploded View.

  • Newly Structural Simulation. It allows you to perform structural statics, modal analysis, heat transfer, and structural dynamics analysis quickly with the newly available ZW3D Structural add-on to verify the rationality of product design.

  • Safe & Efficient Manufacturing Capacity. It raises your programming efficiency greatly with the sped-up calculation of QuickMill rough operations cutting the time needed by 70% on average. In addition, Full Machine Simulation has been upgraded to cater to more diversified and more complicated machining needs.



Faster QuickMill Rough Operation Calculation. Image source: ZWSOFT.


“We are proud of our R&D team who toiled for addressing the issues that impede the implementation of product design and parts processing across industries. With a list of performance advances, simplicity in user experience, and powerful new capabilities, this ZW3D 2023 release already demonstrates another breakthrough of what is possible with truly all-in-one CAD/CAM/CAE solutions. Plus, we are confident that, with the flexible design and fast machining of ZW3D 2023 as the launching pad, the ZWSOFT R&D team will continue to transform possibilities into realities that will raise the bar higher for performance, functionality, and user experience. More importantly, we are aimed to help customers shorten the product development cycle.” said ZW3D Product Manager.

The Manager continues, “As I have said before, ZW3D 2023 is not just a new name for the next ZW3D. A critical piece of higher design standards for high-end products like 3C products, home appliance, and automotive parts is bringing G3 continuous surface to the urgent needs of 3D designers, with more sleek curves. Now, 3D designers can use "loft" and "Blend Face" to create a G3 continuous surface. Moreover, a variety of drawing tools are designed such as "New Smart Constraint Inference" and "Variable spacing" to help 3D designers get their work done efficiently. ZW3D keeps improving from 2022’s G2 to 2023’s G3, and on and on.” 



G3 Surface Continuity. Image source ZWSOFT. Click image to enlarge.


With features more than the above-mentioned ones, “Multiple data compatibility is a prime determinant of industry readiness of any software application of this type. Our ZW3D 2023 is compatible with major and widely used formats on the market. It is quite easy to use and we believe the global product designers will find these software applications highly useful,” the Product Manager adds.

To get a taste of what is to come, download ZW3D 2023 today and experience the power of ZW3D 2023. What’s more, the trial is free. 



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