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ZWCAD Helps Make Germany’s Highest Peak Accessible for Everyone

3D modeling General CAD AEC April 20, 2021

Sponsored: German company, Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG (BZB), has been trusting ZWCAD to help them bring more adventurers up the Zugspitze Mountain and nearby mountains with their cable cars and railways since 2015.

In 1930, BZB first went into operation inspired by their vision and mission to provide tourists with extraordinary alpine experiences, using a cogwheel train to lift passengers up the mountainside. Time and technology moved along and the vision continued to unfold.

The engineering projects, especially those involving lift systems can be challenging. Multiple engineering and infrastructure projects have been completed with ZWCAD Mechanical, Architecture, and ZWTraffic, an add-on developed by ZWSOFT’s Polish partner, SZANSA, used to arrange traffic signs and used by many roadwork professionals. More adventurers are now able to go up Zugspitze, Garmisch-Classic, and Mount Wank quickly and safely.


Obstacles to the Top of the Highest German Mountain

Aerial lifts, aerial tramways, and cable cars are not strange to mountain lovers, but taking them to this next level, Germany’s highest peak, is anything but easy. In the autumn of 2014, the cable car Zugspitze project began and took 50 million Euro, hundreds of people, and more than 3 years to complete.


Zugspitze, starting to take form.


To accomplish this project, engineering software played a critical role. To begin, return on investment (ROI) posed the first and foremost question. Because the licensing policy of their current CAD software had pivoted to annual subscriptions, the company found their budget suddenly tightened. The company considered changing to another CAD program. Besides the increasing financial cost, it would’ve cost the team invaluable time to familiarize everyone (including architects, electricians, IT engineers, and the like) with a brand-new solution.

Another major concern was DWG-compatibility because the preliminary design was outsourced. Moreover, the team needed the display, editing, and printing of plans to be fast and reliable.


There’s Always a Way

On the recommendation of ZWCAD’s German partner, encee CAD/CAM, the BZB project team tested ZWCAD Mechanical first. When the preliminary transition results were very positive, the team leader made the decision to replace the previous CAD solution with the affordable, compatible, and flexible ZWCAD for the project and related facilities immediately.

It was a good decision — team members had no issues opening files ,whatever their formats. In addition, because ZWCAD is intuitive and in German (it’s available in multiple languages), they had no problems mastering the program. BZB project administrator states, “We have a very good contact with encee. Support from them was effective, fast, and even special tasks were well done in cooperation with encee and ZWCAD. He concluded, “Yes, ZWCAD meets our expectations.”


One of BZB’s drawings created with ZWCAD.



Alpine Enthusiasts Have Been on Top of the World Since Then

Having overcome the extreme altitude, weather, and technical challenges, the cable car Zugspitze project team together broke three world records, including the highest steelwork pylon for aerial tramways, the greatest overall height difference over one section, and the longest unsupported cableway span. Meanwhile, they kept their promise of making the top of Zugspitze accessible.



Every hour, 580 of sightseers are carried to the peak comfortably in the two new vehicles. At the destination, they have a panoramic bird’s-eye view of the breathtaking scenery on the viewing platform. Visitors can ski, hike, enjoy fine-dining at restaurants with a fantastic view, learn at the Fascination Zugspitze interactive museum, experience the Inuit lifestyle in a cozy igloo, and more.


In 2007, the Bavarian Zugspitze Railway, which can run about 300-meters below the top of Zugspitze was nominated for a historic landmark of civil engineering in Germany. A decade later, the cable car Zugspitze has reached a new height with the aid of ZWCAD.

All images courtesy of BZB.


Learn More about ZWCAD

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