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Solving Design Challenges With Solidworks 2015

Posted by mediashower1

Jan 14, 2015 5:00:37 AM

Solidworks 2015 has been out since September 2014, and the jury is in: developers managed to please users with a host of new features and improvements that make complicated tasks simple, fast, and more productive. The company was vocal about these "user driven" changes, and bloggers who have tried and reviewed the product are overwhelmingly positive about it. Here are the top changes for Solidworks 2015, but bear in mind, the changes and improvements are numerous and some are profound. Be sure to browse through the product guide so you'll be able to take advantage of all those new bells and whistles.


Improving the Looks and Usability of Finished Products


SolidWorks Solidworks 2015 makes it easier than ever to create asymmetrical designs, such as ergonomic products.


The new version allows you to create asymmetrical fillets for surfaces, parts, and assemblies. This is particularly useful to users in the industries of high-tech product manufacturing, medical equipment, and consumer goods. You can now increase surfacing flexibility to allow for modeling of stylized designs such as ergonomic designs. The rendering setup is much quicker, and the software allows you to toggle between symmetrical and asymmetrical filets at any point. You can now maintain precise control over the edge shape and bias according to the intent of your design.


Creating More Accurate Layouts and Profiles


SolidWorks This version of Solidworks makes it a cinch to flatten out 3D designs of shoes and clothing to work out the kinks in assembly.


For CAD users in industries that depend heavily upon fabrics and other soft materials -- such as clothing, footwear, and upholstery designers -- you can create more accurate layout profiles to eliminate fitting issues at assembly by flattening your 3D design into the 2D presentation as if it were on the cutout and assembly line. Solidworks 2015 allows you to get feedback on deformities and export profiles for production more easily than ever.


Simplifying Machine Components

For users in the construction, automotive, and machine tools fields, the latest version of Solidworks allows you to automate roller chains, energy chains, and power transmission components so you can view the movement dynamically and check for interference instantly. This feature works for both open and closed chain paths, and automatically updates with the changes as you make them in the design.


Making it Easier to Review and Make Design Decisions

For users in the AEC and building industries, Solidworks now features thorough design capabilities for HVAC and cable tray layouts. You can create routing assemblies that are fully supported by Bill of Materials (BOM) and drawings upon completion. It also generates digital models for BIM, including files that can be shared and networked to allow for fast and easy collaboration and decision making. The new version also allows you to build custom libraries to support your product lines or projects.

In all, there are over 200 new features and improvements to tinker with. Solidworks 2015 is one of the most well-received CAD software developments of the past year. For CAD users, Cadalyst is the brand of CAD information provider that offers the most complete and up-to-date information about CAD. Are you looking for additional reviews on CAD hardware, software, and more? Visit the Cadalyst website for reviews, information, tips, tricks, and other great news you can use.

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