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Expert Interview with Josh Mings on CAD Workstations

Posted by mediashower1

Feb 6, 2015 9:14:40 AM

CAD workstations

Josh Mings of SolidSmack understands the ins and outs of technology, especially when it comes to CAD. He says his site is dedicated to helping those in the industry - no matter if they're just starting out or have been in the game for years - get the most out of their technology process.

Mings shares more of what SolidSmack offers engineers, designers, and everyone else in between in this interview.

SolidSmack offers a wealth of information about 3D CAD, technology, design and more. What does the SolidSmack team strive for to keep current with the latest in CAD technology?

We're dedicated to covering the process, whether that's how tech is used, ninja-like fab skills, or the blood, sweat, paper cuts and aluminum shavings it takes to bring about their idea. There's news, of course - tech and design that affects the process for engineers and designers - so we mix that in with general interest topics, occasional arts and crafts, apps, robots or ninjas, and there you have your SolidSmack.

What elements go into creating the ideal CAD workstation?

Well, there are two routes you can go: building your own or buying from an OEM. But most will rely on their company to choose, so it's important to woo the decision maker and bend them to your will. You have to consider what software you're running, whether it's CPU or GPU intensive, if it's dedicated to only CAD software or running other programs which may require more RAM, and if you're going to be mobile or not - which limits some factors and increases price, but you will have more options with mobile workstations here in the future.

Describe some of the courses cadjunkie offers. How do these benefit those using CAD no matter what their skill level may be?

Cadjunkie offers cad-ninja honing beginner to advanced courses, primarily for SolidWorks and modo. It's the fastest way to get up to speed on either. Adam O'Hern provides the instruction based on real world experience with different products, and also has a voice that isn't annoying.

How does SolidSmack help those using CAD to better their skill in 3D modeling?

Butter, lots of butter. It's our hope that the stories and courses we publish provide more insight into technologies and using the software, while staying up to date on how the design and engineering landscape is changing.

How have CAD workstations changed over the years? How has SolidSmack addressed these changes?

I don't think anyone would argue that they are now smaller and more powerful. I remember using "Lunchbox" computers and hauling around desktop monitors to demo SolidWorks. Now, people run 3D software on tablets with more power in mobile workstations than ever before. We'll review these workstations occasionally to show how capabilities are improving.

What are the top three aspects of SolidSmack that make it stand out?

The content, the depth, the attitude.

How do all of the aspects of SolidSmack integrate with each other to facilitate a complete experience for CAD users?

They provide deeper insight, across a broader range of content, with any additionally necessary hyperbole, sarcasm or wit to make it just slightly more palatable than stale bread.

How big of a role does design play in the lives of everyday people?

They cannot escape it. The design affects them more than gingivitis or a bad hair day could ever hope to. Now, if you're referring to the design process, most are only involved with that indirectly with the designers WHO WATCH THEIR EVERY MOVE.

Please share anything additional you would like readers to know about SolidSmack.

We're always interested to hear from people about what they would like to see more of, story suggestions, if they're interested in writing for us or have a favorite dessert recipe.

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