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Expert Interview with Ron Brys About Optimal Workflows

Posted by mediashower1

Feb 8, 2015 9:15:58 AM

Ron Brys of EnvisionCAD understands what it takes for IT professionals to make the most out of their CAD workstations.

Here, Brys talks about how Envision CAD works with clients on consulting, custom programming, software solutions and everything else in between.

How can those in CAD IT maintain optimal workflows?

Solutions to optimize workflows starts with understanding the current hardware and software configurations, workflows and procedures, and range of user experience levels. CAD IT professionals empowered with industry best-practices can then plan and implement workflow optimization strategies.

Standard CAD configurations with appropriate hardware upgrades help get the most out of the software. Training users to a similar experience level will help optimize workflows when introducing new standards. Procedures and/or automated software scripts can provide additional improvements.

Best-practice CAD standards and workflows streamline repetitive or complex tasks and reduce errors. Custom training for new standards and workflows helps ensure uniformity. Open communication between CAD managers and CAD users facilitates proactive adaptation of productivity improvement opportunities. Last but not least, quality and timely user support is very important.

What are some of the biggest tips EnvisionCAD can offer CAD users?

Train. Train. Train. Continuous learning is needed, given the increasing complexity of CAD software. You should access online resources, attend classes and use custom training materials. Stay current on new software versions. Learn from others by talking to other CAD users and CAD managers.

Configure your implementation. While CAD software will work out-of-the box, it's not how the most successful organizations utilize it. Based on various client, department or utilization needs, custom environments can be implemented to streamline the user experience and present the correct standards, workflows and tools to the users; thereby reducing errors and reworks and increasing productivity

When it comes to CAD workstations, what aspects make the most user-friendly experiences? Please describe how CAD software/workstations impact what CAD users can accomplish.

Workstation hardware configurations should be at or above the software's recommended requirements. Utilizing multi-monitor setups makes work much easier. It's also important to remain flexible to accommodate different user requirements, and also implement upgrades when practical; users are only limited by their training, software configuration and hardware.

How does EnvisionCAD help change the scope of the CAD landscape?

EnvisionCAD unlocks the unrealized productivity gains in a CAD enterprise. Our custom Best-Practice Solutions add value in resource configuration, targeted learning, process improvement, user/system support, CAD management strategies and more. We develop training materials and provide services for users in North America and internationally. We also work directly with software vendors and provide feedback to improve their products.

What makes EnvisionCAD different from similar websites or businesses?

First of all, I'd say the fact that EnvisionCAD is an independent firm makes us unique. We are not a reseller or otherwise tied to a particular software vendor, which allows us to provide unbiased solutions. Additionally, our professional CAD managers have hands-on experience with over 400 different CAD enterprises. From this extensive experience, EnvisionCAD can customize productivity improvements, CAD related tools, learning, and technologies. Being experts in both Bentley and Autodesk platforms gives us a huge advantage in the marketplace, as most organizations utilize both vendors. We provide a full range of CAD management support services.

Our services range from consulting on specific issues to planning, implementation, custom programming, live and online training, help desk support, and more.

How does Autodesk and Bentley software benefit CAD users? What makes it different from other software solutions?

CAD software has evolved from being a one-function tool. Autodesk and Bentley offer complete packages and software suites tailored for many different disciplines. Both companies develop quality software that is used worldwide. A large user-base and industry specific solutions are what make these companies stand out.

What trends do you see happening in the CAD industry? How does EnvisionCAD approach these trends?

CAD software is not just a drafting and publishing tool anymore. 3D modeling capability, visualization and engineering analysis are now built into most CAD software packages. EnvisionCAD staff are published professionals that keep current with new software products. We develop our own training materials to educate users about these ever-expanding functionalities.

We develop productivity-focused workflows to utilize new functionality. We invest in research and development to create exclusive productivity tools and technologies. EnvisionCAD has a strong network with other professionals for continued idea sharing.

Please share anything additional you would like readers to know about EnvisionCAD.

Since 1996, EnvisionCAD has been a nationally recognized leader in the configuration, customization, and implementation of CAD software solutions. Our individualized approach has benefited private engineering firms, utilities, municipalities, DOTs, federal agencies and others. Basic or advanced, we help others get the most from their CAD enterprises.

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